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Group work #1
Case Study: Palliative Care Consultation for Patient with CHF
Mark, 72, has a longstanding diagnosis with CHF. You receive a palliative care referral
to help manage his symptoms of shortness of breath, fatigue and edema.
1) What information about Mark’s symptom experience and influencing factors
would you like to know?
2) What do you anticipate are Mark’s resulting consequences/performance of
symptom experience are?
Group work #2
4 minutes to answer 3 questions
3 concepts:
1) Influencing Factors
a. Physiological Factors
factors that indicate bodily system level of functioning ex. vital signs and lab
b. Psychological Factors
mental state, degree of knowledge or uncertainty about the disease state and
associated symptoms
c. Situational Factors
determinants of health, marital status, lifestyle behaviours, environmental
2) Symptom Experience
a. Timing
b. Level of Perceived Distress
dependent on patient lifestyle, preferences
c. Quality
ex. sharp, aching, cramping
d. Intensity
i. ex. scale 0-10
3) Consequences/Performance
a. Functional activities
ex. work, role-related, physical
b. Cognitive activities
ex. concentration, problem solving