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Assignment 2
ENGR 466: Introduction to VLSI Systems
School of Engineering
The University of British Columbia — Okanagan Campus
Due: February 25th , 2019 by 11:00 AM in Class
Problem 1:
Fig.1 shows two implementations of MOS inverters. The first inverter uses only NMOS transistors.
Calculate VOH, VOL for each case. Find VIH,VIL, NML and NMH for each inverter and comment on
the results. How can you increase the noise margins and reduce the undefined region? Tox=100 Å ,
µn=350 cm2/V.s, Vth=0.5 v
Figure 1 Problem 1
Problem 2:
Realize the Boolean function Z=A.B.C͞+D+E͞ as a single compound CMOS gate (transistor level
circuit) with inputs A, B, C, D and E. Note if the inverse (or complement) of any input or output is
needed in your realization of Z, your circuit must show the transistor realization of all inverted inputs
and output. Draw the transistor-level schematic.
Problem 3:
For the following inverter chain, calculate the out put voltage considering the provided transfer
function graph for a single inverter gate. (vin=1.6 v).