EELE 414 – Introduction to VLSI Design Homework #5 (show work

EELE 414 – Introduction to VLSI Design
Homework #5 (show work for full credit)
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1) You are going to perform a transient simulation on a CMOS inverter using S-edit and T-SPICE. You will
need to create an inverter cell that contains a symbol and schematic. You will use the Level 1 models from
the Generic 0.25um kit. Your inverter should be sized with Ln=Lp=0.25um, Wn=2.5um, and Wp=5um.
Your inverter will drive a load 50fF load capacitor. A tutorial for how to create the inverter can be found in
the Guide to Tanner EDA document on the course website. When you are done, print out and turn in:
a) The schematic of your top level showing the instantiation of the inverter symbol
b) The schematic of your inverter cell
c) A transient plot showing the input and output waveforms of the simulation.
Your deliverables should look like this: