2D Cell Model Construction Paper

Construction Paper 2D
Cell Model ISS
 White Paper
 Pencil
 Colored pencils if you have them
 Book with diagram of cells
Safety Concerns: none
1. Using the cell diagram in your textbook, you are to make a paper model of a plant or
animal cell. (Ms. Haynes will tell you)
2. On the white paper draw the shape of the cell.
3. Include the following organelles as needed:
• Nucleus
• Cell Membrane
• Rough ER
• Smooth ER
• Golgi Body/Apparatus/Complex
• Lysosome
• Mitochondria
• Ribosome
• Vacuole
• Cell wall
• Chloroplasts
5. Draw lines and label the organelles (Color with colored pencils if you have them.)
6. Write your names and period on the BACK of the cell.
7. Describe the function of each of your organelles on a separate sheet of notebook