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Cell quiz with cell theory

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Cell Theory
Word Bank
Robert Hooke
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
Matthias Schleiden
Rudolf Virchow
Theodor Schwann
1) The invention of the _______________ in the 1590s allowed scientists to first discover cells.
2) _______________ was the German zoologist that concluded all animals are made of cells, and
therefore all living things are made of cells.
3) Not invented until the 1930s, an _______________ microscope uses a beam of electrons
instead of light to image very small things.
4) _______________ was the first scientist to see and name cells when he looked at a piece of
cork under the microscope.
5) _______________ was the first person to see bacteria and other living unicellular organisms.
6) A _______________ microscope has more than one lens.
7) _______________ was the German botanist that stated all plants are made of cells.
8) _______________ was a German doctor who said all cells must come from other cells.
Write TRUE next to all of the statements that are part of the cell theory. Write FALSE next to all of
the statements that are NOT part of the cell theory.
9) All cells are produced by other living cells
a) True
b) False
10) Bacteria and other unicellular organisms can be made from non-living chemicals if mixed
a) True
b) False
11) Cells are the basic unit of structure and function in living things.
a) True
b) False
Cell Organelles
Word Bank
endoplasmic reticulum
cell membrane
golgi body
cell wall
12) The _______________ is found in plant cells and goes through the process of photosynthesis.
13) The gel-like _______________ surrounds all the other organelles and helps hold the cell
14) The _______________ stores food, water and waste. These are usually larger in plant cells.
15) The _______________ cleans up the cell by digesting waste. It is only found in the animal cell
and sometimes called suicide sacs because they destroy old cells.
16) In the animal cell only, the _______________ helps divide the cell during mitosis.
17) The _______________ packages proteins and acts like the U.P.S. of the cell.
18) The _______________ surrounds just the plant cells, giving them extra protection and support.
19) The _______________ surrounds ALL cells and is selectively permeable, which means it
decides what goes in and out of the cell.
20) The _______________ produces the proteins by translating the mRNA message.
21) The _______________ goes through cellular respiration to break down food for cell energy. It's
the powerhouse of the cell.
22) The _______________ are tiny cell structures that carry out specific functions within a cell.
23) The _______________ is the brain of the cell, that controls everything else.
24) The _______________ are maze-like tubules that run throughout the cell and transport proteins
and other materials.
25) Write the equation for photosynthesis:
26) On the PLANT CELL paper provided, draw and label the following organelles:
Cell Wall, Cell Membrane, Cytoplasm, Nucleus, ER, Golgi Complex, Mitochondria,
Chloroplast, Vacuole, Ribosome
27) On the ANIMAL CELL paper provided, draw and label the following organelles:
Cell Membrane, Cytoplasm, Nucleus, ER, Golgi Complex, Mitochondria, Lysosome,
Vacuole, Ribosome, Centriole