Cell Review Cell Theory Levels of Organization Organelle

Cell Review
Cell Theory
M - Pre-existing cells make cells.
L - All living organisms are made of cells
B - Basic structure and function of life.
Levels of Organization
Cells TissuesOrgansOrgan SystemsOrganismPopulation
Organelle (Tiny rooms inside a cell – Organelles cannot live on their own.) REFER TO NOTES
9. Mitochondria – Eats protein to make energy (ATP) for the cell. (Powerhouse)
1. Nucleus – Command center of the cell. (Receives and sends messages)
6. Cell Membrane – Barrier of protection for the cell (Allows nutrients in and
waste out)
8. Vacuole – Stores water and waste.
4. Chloroplasts – Makes food for the plant cell.
2. Cell Wall – Only in plants to give a rigid structure and add barrier of protection.
7. Ribosome – Creates protein
Plant Cell
3. E.R. – Sends Protein
5. Cytoplasm – Holds organelles in jelly.