Cell Organelle Analogies

Cell Organelle Analogies
In this unit, you will learn about different cells and their organelles. Students frequently have
difficulty remembering the structures found in the cell. To help you remember, we will consider the cell as
a factory. After defining the words below (with the help of your trusty notes, helpful book, and a quick
mind), try to match the cellular structure from the list with its analogous part from a factory listed in the
box below. Write these parts next to your definition to help you remember the organelles!
1. Nucleus:
2. Lysosome:
3. Golgi Complex (bodies):
4. Ribosome:
5. Mitochondria:
6. Chloroplasts:
7. Cytoskeleton:
8. Cell (plasma) membrane:
9. Vacuole:
10. Endoplasmic Reticulum:
A. Power Outlet
E. Packaging and Shipping
I. The walls and bricks of a factory
B. Cafeteria
F. Production Room (proteins) J. Recycling center
C. Assembly Line
G. Storage Closet
D. Command Center (office)
H. Loading Dock Garage