unit 1 matter study guide

Jefferson Davis
Mrs. Williams Physical Science
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Vocabulary exam guide
Physical and Chemical Changes in Matter Study Guide
What is matter?
Mass is…..
How is MASS different from Weight
Volume is….
An element is …
4 Examples of elements are
What is a compound? Give 4
What is a substance
How would you find the volume of an
irregular object, such as a rock, using
only a graduated cylinder and water?
Describe the process.
What is density? Use this definition to
explain why some object can float and
some sink.
What are physical properties? What
are examples of physical properties?
What are chemical properties? When
are you able to observe them?
Look at the following data for an
unknown liquid,
volume of the
mass of the
liquid…………………....15 g
Calculate the density of the liquid
and include the correct units.
What happens to matter in a physical
What are some examples of physical
What is a mixture? Give some
examples of mixtures.
What is a solution? Give an
example of a solution.
What is a Solvent
What is a solute?
How are mixtures and solutions
alike? How are they different?
What happens to the particles of
matter during a chemical change?
Give some examples of chemical
What is a precipitate and when does
it form
What are clues, or evidence, that a
chemical reaction has taken place?
How is a physical change different
from a chemical change?
To prepare for your test, make sure
1. Study through all of your notes.
2. Be resourceful, use the links from
my site as interactive study
3. Have someone quiz you over the
study guide questions.