05 Handout 1

Book Report Format
Tuesday’s with Morrie
by Mitch Albom
a. Background - short description of the book (title, author, genre, and year of
publication) and brief introduction to your report
b. Theme/s - short description of the general plot line or a brief summary of the
major plotline in the story
Major and Minor Characters - brief introduction of characters in the story
d. Setting - answers the question, ‘when and where did the story occur?’
a. General philosophical questions tackled in the book
b. Conflict
i. Protagonist
ii. Antagonist
d. Conclusion
a. Answer the following:
06 Handout 1
Explain how Morrie Schwartz feels about death and dying and what he feels
society’s approach is to those who are dying.
Discuss Morrie’s struggle with death throughout the novel.
Describe the characterization of Mitch as a man who is defined by society’s
idea of a successful man.
Explain how popular culture may influence people’s viewpoints about issues
such as aging and death.
Compare and contrast Mitch’s and Morrie’s beliefs about life.
Describe the importance of love in Morrie’s life.
Explain the development of Morrie’s religious beliefs. How does Morrie view
religion in his life?
Explain your thoughts about aging, dying and death before and after reading
the book.
Explain what you believe to be the ultimate lesson the reader is supposed to
take away from the book.
Cite your favorite quotation/s from the book and explain why it is personally
significant to you.
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