Tuesdays with Morrie


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Tuesdays with Morrie Essay

You will be writing a 5-paragraph essay based on the following prompt:

What value does Tuesdays with Morrie hold and how is it shown through the lessons you read and the videos you watched?


 The three body paragraphs will be:


Evaluation of your response of Morrie’s big idea. (Session 2)


Description/evaluation of one of the lessons Morrie shares with Mitch. (Session 5/6)


Explanation of which lesson was more meaningful (and avoid phrases like, “I think” or “I believe” . . . we already know it’s what you think or believe because you are the author)

(Session 7)

 You will need to include smooth transitions between these three paragraphs so that your ideas flow.

 Compose an introductory paragraph. o Your thesis statement (or a revised, better version of it) must be your last sentence of that paragraph. o You should include the title and author in the first or second sentence. o You can and should use details from various responses in your introduction. o Refer to session 1

 Compose a concluding paragraph. o Re-word the thesis. You are NOT copying and pasting the same sentence, but you ARE restating the same, basic idea. o Remind the reader of the author and title. o Leave your reader thinking and considering what you feel is the most important lesson to be learned from reading the book.

 Be sure to use correct MLA formatting.

 Refer to the rubric as you write to be sure you are meeting all requirements.

 Use a FORMAL tone and sophisticated vocabulary. Do NOT use “you” or contractions, please.

 You MUST print and show evidence of self-editing one rough draft and include it with your final copy.

 Your work must be submitted in the following order:


Rubric (with your name on it!)


Rough draft with evidence of self-editing. You have the option to ask a peer to edit your work, as well, but YOU have to take a look at your work with a critical eye on your own.


Final copy.