Tuesdays with Morrie - Canton Local Schools

Tuesdays with Morrie
Lesson II
October 1, 2010
• To see how a writer of nonfiction shows
his philosophy of life and its conflicts
• To understand a relationship that spans
many years
• To acquire information about ALS
Things to Point Out…
• In this section, Albom recalls his own life
changes after graduation from Brandeis and
how he forgot all his youthful ideals along
with forgetting Morrie his mentor.
• How did Mitch learn about Morrie’s disease
and his impending death?
• The book jumps back and forth between the
present and the past - memory pages are set
in italics to make it easier for us as readers.
Terms to Add to UWD
Averting (15)
Hypocritical (16)
Narcissist (21)
Insidious (22)
Identity (30)
- Conflict
- Flashback
- Amphetamines
- Insatiable (16)
- Aphorism (18)
- Humility (22)
- Gaunt (27)
- Lamented (42)
- Materialism
• Conflict is the result of two forces coming together in
• There is both internal and external conflict
• There are 6 types of Conflict:
– Person vs. Person
– Person vs. Nature
– Person vs. Self
– Person vs. Society
– Person vs. Fate
– Person vs. Machine
• What are some examples that you can think of?
Conflict in Tuesdays
• What are two types of conflict that exist
within Tuesdays with Morrie?
– Morrie’s Illness?
– Mitch’s Materialism?
Tension of Opposites
Needs/Have To’s
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