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Science 8 Infographic Project

Science 8 Infographic Project
This year in science we have covered a variety of topics from investigating questions using the Scientific
Method, understanding the inner workings beneath our feet in Earth Science, looking at the microscopic work
in Biology, making sense of matter in Chemistry, to understanding light rays and reflections in Physics. While
touching on all of these big content ideas, we have been working on mastering the various skills needed to not
only understand science, but inquire as well.
Scientific Research – navigating scientific sources and communicating information
Visuals, Models, and Analogies – representing information in different forms
Problem Solving and Debates – acquiring evidence and supporting positions with that evidence
Lab Reports/Design – creating and conducting scientific evidence to collect and analyze data
Lab Safety and Procedural Skills – knowing how to conduct ourselves in a lab and use equipment
Content Knowledge – understanding and connecting ideas of science
So, what is an infographic? An infographic is a graphic visual representation of information, data, or
knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. It uses both text and graphics to enhance the
human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends. Although it is similar to a visual, it encompasses many
of the other skills from scientific research, to content knowledge, and your overall ability to organize
information and support what you are trying to communicate with facts.
The goal:
Pick any topic of science covered this year or an elaboration of a topic we have covered
Ex. Earthquakes – or elaborate on that topic and select Predicting Earthquakes
Research further about the topic using at least 1 outside source combined with your notes and
Gather or create images and pictures to help illustrate your topic
Condense information your want to communicate into simple points to aid pictures and illustrations.
The infographic uses the combination of images and text more than a visual
Organize information and create the layout for your infographic
There are numerous resources you can use to create an infographic from a poster, word document (increase
page size), photoshop, illustrator, etc.
Some online sources:
Canva, Easil, Stencil, adobe spark, Snappa, Piktochart, etc.
Infographic Assessment Rubric
I can conduct research into a
topic and present information
Scientific Research
I can search for information on a
topic through the internet
I can present information in
complete sentences
I can identify correct grammar
and punctuation when
communicating information in a
I can identify clear topics within
my scientific research
Visual Presentation
I can present information using
visuals or images only
I can present a visual that is
complete to the topic
I can decide appropriate
information to include
The information I research is
detailed and understandable
I can cite all sources used in my
research giving credit to the
I can proof-read to check for
errors and make corrections
I can distinguish between
scientific sources and personal
opinion information
I can present a visual/model
that is precise and contains the
necessary information
I can create a visual that has the
visuals tell the story supported
with text
I can easily identify separate
topics and present them in
logical order with supporting
details attached
I can take research and explain
in simplified terms showing my
complete understanding
I can cite all sources in the
correct format including images
and extras that are not my own
I can add extra details beyond
the criteria to enhance the
visual/model, but not distract
from the message
I can write key phrases in my
own words to go along with the
I can sort information into
relevant categories
I can place topics in an ordered
I can present information in a
clear and organized method
I can copy information from a
Content and Evidence
I can identify a science topic
covered in the course
I can find supporting details for
my topic
I can use correct vocabulary
I can summarize key points
I can present a visual that uses
the space effectively
I can organize the visual/model
to make the message/content
immediately clear
I can plan ahead and organize
my layout
I can use correct vocabulary that
is appropriate to the context of
the topic
I can simplify information in my
own words
I can justify my topic in a
convincing way using facts and