July 4th 2013

A MEETING of the Parish Council took place in the Village Hall, Recreation Ground, at 7.30pm, Thursday
4th July 2013.
Cllr. A. Pritchard, Chairman
Cllr. K. Batley, Vice-Chairman
Cllr. D. Turner
Cllr. B. Gray
Cllr. R. Reed
Cllr. T. Ace
Cllr. C. Fowler
Apologies Accepted: Cllrs. Collins, Nabb, Stone & Earle
Not present: n/a
Members of the public: 0
Police: 0
87. The minutes of the meeting held on 6th June 2013 were amended, approved and then signed by the
Chairman; proposed Cllr. Batley, seconded Cllr. Reed, agreed by all.
No public in attendance.
88. VANDALISM & ASB: (a) Fishing line had been hung around the recreation ground on the
evening of the 9th June. A resident had informed the Police who had attended immediately
and removed the line. (b) Reports had been made to the Parish Council Office and the Police
regarding motorbikes on the ‘top rec’. The Police had attended and issued Section 59
warnings to the offenders; repeated offences will result in bikes being seized. (c) Residents
of Baronshurst Drive continue to keep a log of antisocial behaviour at the Village Hall car
park. (d) A resident had written to the Parish Council Office and SODCs Environmental
Health department regarding noise pollution and anti-social behaviour from a Village public
house near Mill Lane. The matter is to be left with Environmental Health to investigate.
89. POTHOLES: Reports were made of two large potholes on the High Street and are to be
reported to Highways.
90. LINK ARTICLES: It was noted that neither the Thames Water article or the Crookston
Shield articles had been printed within the July LINK magazine.
91. SPEEDING: It was reported that the Police had not undertaken any scheduled speed
checks within June.
92. SILT REMOVAL AT ‘THE TRIANGLE’: Works required to remove the silt from the
watercourse at ‘the triangle’ had not been completed and Highways are to be chased.
93. CCTV – VILLAGE HALL CAR PARK: Following reports of anti-social behaviour, and further
to the plans to install CCTV elsewhere, quotations were discussed to install CCTV to cover
the Village Hall entrance and car park. Two options were discussed at length and a further
quotation is to be obtained before further discussion takes place.
94. VILLAGE BENCHES: Quotations are being obtained to restore the Village benches.
95. VILLAGE HALL GRANTS: Details of the Council Grant Aid, as well as details of grants
available for energy audits, are to be discussed at the next Village Hall Committee meeting.
96. BRINKINFIELD ROAD CLOSURE: Work had been completed in June without the need for
the road closure.
97. NOISE POLLUTION FROM THE AIRFIELD: Martin Baker is to be chased for a response
following a complaint regarding noise.
98. ORHP HOUSING CONFERENCE: The conference had unfortunately been cancelled but is
to be rescheduled in the Autumn.
99. OALC AGM: Cllr. Pritchard reported on her attendance at the Oxfordshire Association for
Local Council’s AGM, 1st July, where a presentation had been given on the initiative to
provide all rural areas of Oxfordshire with superfast broadband. Details of the initiative are to
be placed online and can be found within the Parish Council Office.
100. CHALGROVE SIGNPOST: A request to cut back the vegetation around the sign had been
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sent to Highways.
101. SCHOOL BOUNDARY: A request to cut back encroaching vegetation and overhanging
trees had been sent to the primary school.
102. BROOKSIDE FOOTPATH (near #3): Highways are to be chased to complete works to
repair the footpath.
103. BYPASS ALLOTMENT FENCING: It was reported that the site manager had commenced
with works required but no costs had been submitted. Costs are to be submitted and
approved before any further works takes place.
104. JAMES MARTIN ROOM: The cost of seat cushions, at a maximum cost of £5 each, was
approved and is to be funded using the monies raised at Magic of the Musicals; proposed
Cllr. Fowler, seconded Cllr. Ace.
105. MATTERS UNRESOLVED: Chalgrove Mill meeting, office PC cleanse, Broadband
Champion, Living on the Edge, Baronshurst oil tanks, Best Kept Village signs, collapsed brook
bank on the High Street, transitional grant paperwork.
106. FINANCE: The Council accounts had been successfully submitted to BDO, external
auditor, on the 7th June. Queries had been raised by BDO which had been dealt with
effectively; additional fees of £30 ex. VAT will be incurred as a result of the outstanding
audit points.
107. NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN: In Cllr. Nabb’s absence, Cllr. Fowler gave an update on
the Neighbourhood Plan Launch held on the 20th June. The consultation was well attended
and the presentation was well received. A further public consultation will take place on
Saturday 20th July, after which the analysis will be completed and presented to the Parish
Janes Meadow & Jubilee Walk (a) The Grand Opening had been a huge success and thanks
were given to all involved. (b) A LINK article is to be submitted providing a report of the
Grand Opening event. (c) Photographs taken on the day are to form a collage to be placed
within the Village Hall entrance foyer.
“Chalgrove At Play” Project Notification had been provided by SODC to state that they are to
recommend that the grant application be approved.
Moles It was reported that a resident had tripped within the Play Area due to mole hills and
that the First Responders had been called to attend. Warning signs are to be placed within
the general area and the groundsman is to be instructed to fill in the holes.
109. THE GREEN – Land Ownership:
Registration of The Green Adrian Grazebrook, Wilmots Solicitor, continues to collect
statements and historical data in order to proceed with registration at the Land Registry.
Resident Complaint A resident of The Green had written to the Parish Council objecting to
the registration proposals and the communication with the residents concerned. It was
agreed that, as the resident had instructed a solicitor to deal with this matter, standard
procedure must take place and the correspondence is to be dealt with via solicitors.
Conflict of Interest A resident of The Green had written to the Parish Council to state that
Cllr. Pritchard had a ‘continued conflict of interest as she has demonstrated on numerous
occasions and as such should not participate in any decisions or actions concerned with
ownership of The Green’. SODC’s Standards Committee had confirmed that no conflict of
interest existed and are to be asked to correspond with the resident directly to alleviate his
Solicitor Correspondence Parish Councillors were made aware of the correspondence
between Bower & Bailey, acting on behalf of the residents, and Wilmots, acting on behalf of
the Parish Council.
110. WORKS & ORDERS: The Clerk reported on works completed, outstanding and
requiring approval. Quotations are required for brickwork repair, window repair, speedbump
replacement, roofing repairs, gate repairs, electrical testing, boiler maintenance and signage.
111. A resident had written to complain about the extremely overgrown land at Hardings,
(b) CF & JD
(c) CF & JD
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currently used by the Guides. Investigations are to take place over ownership and the Guides
are to be asked whether they wish to relinquish use of the land to another Village
112. A resident had written to (a) report that they had cleared the vegetation around the
Quartermain bus stop due to it being an eye sore. Thanks were given. (b) suggest that the
Parish Council deter organisations from using brown packing tape to stick up posters and
(c) report that the footpath at the corner of Quartermain and High Street needed attention.
Highways are to be informed.
113. The 2013 Town and Parish Forum is to take place on the 6th November.
114. Consultations are to take place on the draft Gambling Policy for South Oxfordshire and
Vale of White Horse District Councils. Details are to be placed on the website.
115. OCC had written to take order for salt bags. It was agreed that Chalgrove did not
require further supplies.
116. OALC had written with details of a training course – getting to Grips with Local Council
Finance. The total cost of £120 ex. VAT in order for the Clerk and Financial Assistant to
attend was approved; proposed Cllr. Pritchard, seconded Cllr. Fowler, agreed by all.
117. PLANS (Parish Council decision only):
Land at Mill Lane
Erection of two new houses (1x3 bed and 1x4 bed)
(amended details)
NO STRONG VIEWS, with comments
2 Saw Close
Single storey side extension
5 Grays Close
Single storey side extension
APPROVED, with comments
119. MONTHLY POLICE REPORT: The July Neighbourhood Policing newsletter reported
that (a) PCSO Diane Greenwood replaces Chris Ratcliff and joins PCSO Matthew Taylor to
work in Chalgrove and neighbouring Villages. (b) A mini digger had been stolen from the
Chalgrove airfield. (c) Fishing line had been left on the recreation ground. (d) There had
been a number of reports of garage break-ins. (e) Reports of motorbikes at the recreation
ground. (f) Reports of suspicious activity during the night whereby door handles had been
tried and automatic garden lights had come on. The Police urge all residents to be extra
vigilant and report all suspicious behaviour.
General Cllr. Turner reported on this year’s summer holiday programme, the Riverside pool at Wallingford,
swimming opportunities for women and the work required to Chalgrove footpaths 5 and 6.
Go Ride Cllr. Turner reported on a meeting with Go Ride, along with representatives from Lewknor,
Watlington and Cuxham. Go Ride propose to expand their service to offer the Lewknor Link to Villages
surrounding Watlington.
No report had been provided by Cllr. Newton.
122. REPORT FROM THE PLAY AREA INSPECTION OFFICERS: (a) Paint is yet to be purchased to
clear the graffiti. (b) The inspection rota is yet to be distributed. (c) Gates still await repair.
123. Seven cheques had been signed outside meetings; cheque numbers 004860 to 004866.
PW Judges & Son – Janes Meadow 1st grass cut
Spot On Supplies – Village Hall cleaning supplies
BCB – 2 x grass cuts in April, 3 x grass cuts in May
C. Fowler – mileage & postage expenses
Zurich Insurance – 2013/2014 policy
OAYP – affiliation fee 2013/14
B. Wilcox – bookkeeping services
N. Kerridge – youth work
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B. Murphy – youth work
P. Hall – grass, litter, windows, strimming..
D. Mepham – gate caretaking for May & June
SODC – rates
Southern Electric – 23.03.13-21.06.13 electric supply
British Gas – 30.04.13-31.05.13 gas supply
Viking – Neighbourhood Plan stationary supplies
TalkTalkBusiness – web hosting
Thames Water – Hall complex & allotments
OCC – training course attended Sept ‘12
Block9 Display – Neighbourhood Plan banner/poster
Spot On Supplies – youth club & Village Hall cleaning
J. Nabb – Neighbourhood Plan projector
Sage (UK) Ltd – instant payroll subscription
BT – 4 telephone lines
C. Fowler – Jubilee walk plaque
125. Cllr. Ace discussed a Bypass allotment ex-tenant who had been asked to remove their
belongings but hadn’t. A letter is to be sent requesting that all belongings be removed or a
clearance fee would be charged. It was suggested that deposits be requested from all future
tenants and the matter is to be discussed at the next Allotment Committee meeting.
126. Cllr. Ace noted that a working party was required to do the gardening works at the
Memorial Garden, High Street.
127. Cllr. Fowler reported that the skate park plaque had arrived and would be installed as
soon as possible.
128. Cllr. Fowler reported on her presentation given to the National Playing Fields
Association regarding the recreational facilities that Chalgrove Parish Council have provided
and supported. The presentation could be shown to all Councillors.
129. Cllr. Fowler spoke of the Red Cross nominations and suggested that the Parish Council
nominate the Youth Forum Skate Park Project Team. The suggestion was approved and a
letter is to be sent.
130. Cllr. Reed reported that a resident wishes for an area of the recreation ground to be
fenced off and used for dog training. The matter had been discussed in previous meetings
and there are no plans to create a dog-only zone.
131. Cllr. Reed requested an update on the footbridge at Mill Lane. An update is to be
Memorial Garden working party, 18th July, 10.00am, Memorial Garden
Planning, 18th July, 7.00pm, Parish Council Office
Cheque signing & Planning, 1st August, 7.30pm, Parish Council Office
Allotments, 8th August, 7.00pm, James Martin Room
Village Hall, 8th August, 7.30pm, James Martin Room
The meeting closed at 9.55pm.
Signed: ……………………………………………….
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