SAGGING (Excessive flow, causing runs or sagging in paint film

(Excessive flow, causing runs or sagging in paint film during application.
Ussually caused by applying to heavy a coat of paint or thinning the paint too
Downward "drooping" movement of the paint film, patterns in paint film which
resemble curtains.
Application of a heavy coat of paint.
Application over hard or glossy finish.
Application in excessively humid and/or cool conditions.
Application of over-thinned paint.
Airless spraying with the gun too close to the substrate.
Application over residual film.
Glossy surface should be sanded before painting. If the paint is still wet,
immediately brush out or re-roll to redistribute the excess evenly. If the
paint has dried, sand, and reapply a new coat of top quality paint. Do not
thin the paint; avoid cool or humid conditions. Paint should be applied at
its recommended spread rate. Two coats of paint at the recommended
spread rate are better than one heavy coat.