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Creating the Nation's
First State-Level Green
Bank -
Rooftop PV: Advanced
Technology for Power
Electronics Integrity Testing
Connecticut's Clean Energy
Finance and Investment
March 15, 2012 :: 12:00 - 1:30 p.m.
Online Training
March 15, 2012 :: 12:00 - 1:30 p.m.
Online Training
Creating the Nation's First State-Level Green Bank
In July of 2011 Connecticut became the first state in America to
create a clean energy financing authority. With the goal of
scaling up the deployment of energy efficiency and renewable
energy, the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority’s
(CEFIA) focus is to attract and deploy capital to help
Connecticut meet its clean energy goals. CEFIA will use the
tools of finance to support cost-effective energy efficiency,
scale up the deployment of renewable energy in the state, and
support the infrastructure needed to lead the clean energy
economy in Connecticut. Only in its infancy, it has already won
competitive federal clean energy solicitations as a result of its
innovative structure and its promising future.
Join us to learn how Connecticut faced the challenge of how to
use limited government resources to attract investment in the
Rooftop PV
Sandia National Laboratories has highlighted the critical role of
power electronics reliability, namely the PV inverter, which
transforms electrons generated from sunlight into a tightly
regulated power grid. Sandia’s conclusion is that inverter failure
is twice as costly as other unexpected maintenance events and
deserves specific attention to bolster profitability. However,
because of the rapid adoption of PV solar in large commercial
and utility-scale applications in the United States and Canada,
combined with an expected 25-percent compounded growth
rate for inverter sales, the variety of inverter choices has grown
as the number of PV inverter suppliers has doubled.
This presentation illustrates and compares two novel
approaches to conventional O&M and installation practices
with the status quo, which can make or break profitability
over the life of the PPA. The presentation will also contrast
existing PV plant power architecture with a new power
architecture ideal for large residential and commercial
applications, which closes the reliability gap by offering
the scalability of string inverters with the adaptability of
state to build its clean energy capacity.
PDF brochure | Pricing and registration
PDF brochure | Pricing and registration
Agenda topics include
Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority
Clean energy policy in Connecticut - Public
Act 11-80
Creating the nation’s first green bank
Getting started
Strategic direction
Financing clean energy deployment
Key factors for PV plant reliability
Pros and cons for each of the three approaches to
The viability of each inverter type for the type of PV
How to judge the best inverter “fit” or architecture and
best practices to ensure reliability
Full agenda
Full agenda
Instructed by
Bryan Garcia, President and CEO, Clean Energy Finance and
Bert Wank, Founder and Chief Executive Officer,
infiniRel Corporation
Investment Authority
Ron Newdoll, President and Chief Executive Officer,
Accurate Solar Power
Argil Shaver, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder,
Accurate Solar Power
Instructor bio
Instructor bios
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