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Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies
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Marketing of Services
Total Marks 100
1. Please be brief & to the point.
2. Please state your assumptions clearly.
3. Question no 1 is compulsory & carries 25 marks.
4. Attempt any five questions from question no 2 to 8 each carrying 15 mks.
5. Total marks 100
Q1. Discuss in Brief (Any 5)
a) Tangible & Intangible Services.
b) Heterogenity in Service marketing.
c) Opportunites of India in service sector.
d) Decision Makers in Service sector.
e) Pricing in Service Marketing.
f) Types of Cost involved in service marketing.
g) Classification of Service.
h) Coflict in Service Marketing
Q.2. Define Services & discuss the important of services with ref. to scenario in India?
Q.3. Give an example of an airline industry & explain the service marketing mix? Or
Q.3. Discuss with an example of Hospital & explain the Service Marketing Mix?
Q.4. Perishablity is Important characteristics In Service Marketing? Or.
Q.4. Discuss the service marketing Triangle with the ex of Banking Industry ?
Q.5. Comment on the growth on Indian Service Sector ?
Q.5. Discuss the impact of Service sector in Indian economy?
Q.6. Factor’s influencing Buyer behaviour in Service Marketing ? Or
Q.6. Comment on Role of Decision Making in Service marketing with a suitable e.g?
Q.7. Discuss with help of Diagram Gaps model of Service quality with suitable e.g.? Or
Q.7. Importance of Customer Retention in Service Marketing ?
Q.8. Discuss importance of services with an example of Insurance Industry? Or
Q.8. Hospital business is best example of Services, explain with a proper example?