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SECTION 10 past paper questions

PAST PAPERS (2005-2017)
List THREE (3) examples of technology used by businesses. (3 mks)
Outline TWO (2) ways in which technology may be used to enable businesses to grow. (4 mks)
Explain One (1) positive and ONE (1) negative impact on business, which results from improvements in
Outline TWO (2) ways in which technology has influenced banking and e-commerce. (4 mks)
Explain ONE (1) advantage and ONE (1) disadvantage of computer-aided design (CAD) in the production
process. (6 mks)
Define the term “international trade”. (2 mks)
Outline THREE (3) reasons why countries trade with each other. (6 mks)
State THREE (3) benefits of international trade. (3 mks)
State TWO (2) features of EACH of the following institutions:
 Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)
 Caribbean Community (CARICOM)
 World Trade Organization (WTO) (6 marks)
Explain ONE (1) function of EACH of the following organizations:
 World Bank
 International Monetary Fund (4 marks)
State ONE function of EACH of the following economic institutions:
 World Trade Organization (WTO)
 European Union (4 marks)
State THREE (3) benefits that Caribbean countries may enjoy from being members of CARICOM. (6 marks)
Explain what is meant by CSME. (2 marks)
Discuss TWO (2) ways in which the CSME can assist in the economic development of Caribbean countries.
Discuss TWO (2) challenges faced by Caribbean economies in creating a single market and economy. (6
Identify TWO (2) economic problems facing Caribbean countries. (2 mks)
Outline ONE (1) way in which EACH problem identified may be solved. (4 mks)
Identify TWO (2) types of unemployment. (2 mks)
Discuss the effect of EACH of the following economic problems on Caribbean countries:
 Migration
Economic dualism (6 marks)
Define the term “migration”. (2 mks)
State ONE (1) positive effect and ONE (1) negative effect of migration. (2 mks)
Outline TWO (2) reasons for migration. (4 mks)
Outline THREE ways in which the Caribbean Development Bank can assist in reducing the economic
problems of Caribbean countries. (6 marks)
Outline TWO ways by which the development of the manufacturing sector can assist in reducing the economic
problems of Caribbean countries. (4 marks)
Define the term “foreign direct investment” (FDI). (2 mks)
Outline THREE (3) factors that are LIKELY to discourage foreign investors from investing in the Caribbean.
(6 mks)
Explain TWO (2) ways in which Caribbean countries benefit from foreign direct investment
(FDI). (6 mks)
Define the term ‘standard of living’. (2 mks)
Define the term ‘national income”. (2 mks)
State THREE factors that can be used to determine
quality of life
(3 mks)
standard of living.
(3 mks)
Describe TWO programmes that Ministries of Education could put in place to foster
economic growth and development. (6 mks)
Describe ONE way in which EACH of the following indicators affects an individual’s
standard of living:
Quality and availability of employment
Quality and affordable housing
Access to affordable and quality health care
d) Identify TWO methods that are used to measure a country’s national income and explain
how EACH method is used. (6 mks)
6. (a) Define EACH of the following terms:
(i) Standard of living (2 marks)
(ii) Economic growth (2 marks)
(iii) Economic development (2 marks)
(b) Identify TWO factors which contribute to economic growth. (2 marks)
(c) Outline THREE ways in which a government could improve the standard of living of
its citizens.