9/2/12 – Micah Tolbert’s Speech

9/2/12 – Micah Tolbert’s Speech
K-12 Learning is important to me because it is a great education! The day I started, it was so fun! It got
more fun everyday! Each day that I gained more knowledge, I saw a huge difference between K-12
and public schools.
I enjoy K-12 because I get to study at home, I can learn at my own pace and there is absolutely,
positively no bullies! K-12 makes learning so much fun and I think it’s the best decision my
parents ever made.
Just as the Colonists were proud to be English and then later fought for the independence from England,
I am proud to be a student in K-12 and speak for everyone who wants independence from the public
schools and the freedom of choice.
By the way, you’re looking at your future president in 2035!