MLAB 2363 Molecular Diagnostics Clinical

MLAB 2363 Molecular Diagnostics Clinical
Automation Report
NAME ________________________________________
Save this document to your computer with your name and the name of the instrument. Type in
the required information in the form below. This report should be two pages or more long
when completed. Fill out one form for EACH INSTRUMENT USED. For example, one
instrument may be used for extraction, another for amplification and yet another for detection.
Fill out a SEPARATE form for each piece of major equipment utilized. You will find this
information in THE STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE manual for that instrument.
Please delete this paragraph before you save it. You may wish to print out this copy just to have
the instructions.
1. List the make, model and manufacturer:
2. Principle of operation.
3. Number of samples which can be analyzed per hour.
4. Name of tests performed on this analyzer:
5. Quality control which must be performed.
6. Calibration which must be performed.
7. Preventive maintenance which must be performed.
8. Acceptable samples.
9. Limitations of use of the equipment.