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Grade 4 Instrument Design Project

Grade 4 Instrument Design Project
Due: Tuesday, February 18, 2020
The Grade 4 Class has been learning about light and sound in Science
this past month. As part of our Unit, students are to complete their
Instrument Design Project. Students are asked to design and make a
musical instrument at home. Adults may feel welcome to provide
assistance. Students are asked to create their instrument out of
recycled, reused or repurposed products and to decorate it so that it is
visually eye appealing.
Some examples are: drums made from containers, a guitar made out of
Kleenex boxes and elastics etc., shakers, xylophones from piping, horn
from an old garden hose etc. We have brain stormed and discussed
many different options that students can do.
We will be presenting these instruments to our class on February 18,
2020. After presentations are done, the Grade 4 Class will also be using
their instruments in Music Class with Mrs. Barton as they explore the
sounds that the various instruments make.
Presentation to include:
What the instrument is?
Who assisted in the creation of the instrument?
What Special Features does my instrument have?
What parts were easy to build?
What parts were difficult to build? Why?
What changes were made from your original design to your final
product? Why?