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Physics of Sound - Instrument Project

Name: ___________________________________
Physical/General Science
Date: __________________________
Ms. Sue
Physics of Sound:
Instrument Project
You will be making a GoogleSlide presentation about the physics of a musical instrument
of your choice.
Research the following topics. Make sure the slides are written in your own words.
Slides should have:
The instrument (pictures, modern type)
Origin/History and early versions or related instruments
Materials (what is it typically made of)
How is it played
Explain the physics (energy, motion) behind the sound
Please Note: this may take several slides - at least 1 for each type of energy or
motion. Include any graphs of sound waves or microscopic level pictures you
can find.
Make sure to include:
A link to a video of someone playing the instrument (work w/ Ms. Sue)
Photos and diagrams explaining your instrument
Sources (links, books, interview, etc.)
Due Date: __________________________