Algebra 1 Name:____________________________

Algebra 1
Homework: Word Problems: Systems of Equations Date:____________ Period:__________
1) Your family goes to a Southern-style restaurant for dinner. There are 6 people in your family.
Some order the chicken dinner for $14.80 and some order the steak dinner for $17. If the total
bill was $91, how many people ordered each dinner?
2) Twice a number decreased by a second number equals 6. Three times the first number
increased by twice the second number equals 23. Find the two numbers.
3) A toy maker produces wooden trains and wooden airplanes. Each train requires 3 ounces
of paint and each airplane requires 5 ounces of paint. The toy maker has a gallon can of paint
(64 ounces). If he wants to paint 14 toys, how many of each can he paint?
4) A store is selling new cds for $14.99 and previously owned cds for $10.99. You buy
10 discs and spend a total of $117.90. How many of each kind did you buy?
5) A store sold 28 pairs of cross-trainers for a total of $2220. Nikes sold for $90 a pair
and Adidas sold for $70 per pair. How many of each style were sold?
6) A group of 40 children attended a baseball game on a field trip. Each child received
either a hotdog or a bag of popcorn. Hotdogs were $2.25 and popcorn was $1.75. If
the total bill was $83.50, how many of each were purchased?
7) In early spring, you buy 6 potted tomato plants for your garden. The plants
contained in 8-inch pots sell for $5 and the plants contained in 10-inch pots sell for
$8. If you spend $36, how many of each size are you buying?