– CE 8c Court Terms

Court Terms – CE 8c
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Match the following terms to their correct description.
1. ________ criminal case
13. ________ verdict
2. ________ civil case
14. ________ judge
3. ________ felony
15. ________ trial
4. ________ misdemeanor
16. ________ jury
5. ________ arrest
17. ________ appeal
6. ________ probable cause
18. ________ juvenile
7. ________ bail
19. ________ plaintiff
8. ________ arraignment
20. ________ complaint
9. ________ defendant
21. ________ damages
10. ________ attorney
22. ________ compensation
11. ________ plea
23. ________ latitude
12. ________ magistrate
24. ________ lawsuit
A. allowing some freedom in choice or behavior
B. a case in which one party takes legal action against another party as a result of some
C. a public official who has the power to hear and decide cases in a court of law
D. a case in which a person is accused of breaking the law
E. a minor; a person under the age of 18
F. a lesser crime
G. an answer to a charge such as guilty or not guilty
H. when a person begins a lawsuit they file this document explaining their grievance and
seeking damages or compensation
I. decision of a judge or jury in a trial
J. person accused of a crime or sued in a civil case
K. a serious crime
L. group of citizens whose job is to listen to testimony presented in court and determine guilt or
innocence or to settle a dispute
CE 8c .
M. being “made whole” for harm caused by another person’s acts; the giving of something to
someone in an effort to make up for harm caused by another’s acts
N. strong belief based on some evidence that a suspect has been involved in a crime
O. the examination by a court of the facts in a case in order to determine the truth in a case
P. money that an accused person gives the court as a promise that he will return for trial;
money paid to get out of jail until the trial
Q. to ask a higher court to review a decision and determine if a legal error was made
R. step when an accused person pleads guilty or not guilty
S. taking someone into custody
T. a person who files a complaint in a civil case
U. money that is paid in an effort to make up for a loss
V. a person who represents others in a court of law
W. official who issues various court orders – search warrants, subpoenas, arrest warrants,
summons – and sets bail; a lesser judge
X. a legal action in which a person or group sues to collect damages for some harm that was
CE 8c .