Forensics Chp. 1 Part 2

Forensics Chp. 1 Part 2
2. Motive, Means and Opportunity (must be established to prove guilt)
3. sudden, unexplained or violent death
4. “to stand by the decision,” meaning previous legal decisions are to be followed
8. violation of a rule or law that is not punishable by prison
11. a minor crime, lass than a felony, usually punished with a fine or confinement other than in a prison
14. contact between two items, there will be an exchange"
15. pollen and spores
16. has info. about subject
1. no contest, not confession but punished as though guilty
3. pleads guilty to lesser charge to avoid cost and time of trial
5. legislative acts declaring, commanding, or prohibiting something
6. situation in which a reasonable and prudent person, viewing the available info., would conclude that a crime has been committed
7. “lie detector”
9. bite marks and dental id
10. before judge to determine if the suspect should be held for trial
12. rights guaranteed by the constitution that police must tell arrestees about
13. a breach of right duty, or law