Unit 9-10 Vocab List - Kenston Local Schools

English 2 Vocab Units 9-10
Unit 9
tort/torq- to twist
tortuous- not direct or straightforward
retort- to respond critically or sarcastically
extort- to wrongly or illegally force someone to comply with a demand
volv/volu- to rull, to turn
voluble- talkative; given to rapid, abundant speech
convoluted- having too many twists and turns; overly complicated
evolve- to unfold; to develop or change gradually
flex/flect- to bend
inflexible- too unchangeable in character or purpose
deflect- to cause to turn aside or away
inflection- change in pitch or tone of the voice
vert/vers- to turn
adverse- not helpful; harmful
revert- to fall back into and old condition
subvert- to undermine; to corrupt
Unit 10
crimin- crime, charge of crime
decriminalize- to do away with legal penalties for
incriminate- to reveal guilt or make (someone) appear guilty
recrimination- an accusation made in reply; a countercharge
culp- to blame
culpable- deserving blame
culprit- one responsible for a crime
mea culpa- interjection statement uttered to show personal responsibility for a wrong
onus/oner- burden
onus- burden or obligation
onerous- unpleasant and burdensome
exonerate- to prove not guilty
prob/prov- prove good, approve
approbation- praise or approval
reprobate- a dishonest or immoral person; a scoundrel
reprove- to scold or criticize