Stamp Act


Stamp Act

A tax on all written documents

What did the TOWNSHEND ACTS tax??


11 people shot, 5 died after British soldiers are taunted (teased)

Which event is this??

What was the law that said British soldiers could live in colonists’ homes?

The Quartering Act

True or False about the Revolution: 1. Concord was the first real battle of the war.

2. Paul Revere never finished the “Midnight Ride.” 3. Sam Adams led the Sons of Liberty.

Crispus Attucks

black man killed at the Boston Massacre

What two things were Sam Adams the leader of???


Don’t buy British goods!

What is the refusal to buy goods such as tea called?

What did Sam Adams, Paul Revere & other patriots do at The Boston Harbor?

What did the Intolerable Acts lead to?

Hint: 3 things

Results on Intolerable Acts

Quartering Act

All are patriots except : Sam Adams Thomas Hutchinson Thomas Jefferson John Hancock

Thomas Hutchinson is royal governor of Massachusetts.

– not a patriot

The battle of Yorktown marked


& was a Colonial victory over the forces of which British leader?

Where were the

“opening shots”

of the Revolution War & the

“shot heard around the world?”

Name the 3 advantages of the colonies that helped them win the Revolutionary War.

1.Colonists defending their own land and beliefs.

2.Support from France and Spain.

3.Strong leadership from people like George Washington

True or False: 1.Colonists won many early battles and caused the British to want to surrender quickly.

2.British fought using British soldiers and Hessian mercenaries.

3.Continental Army was successful because of leadership like George Washington.

4.British won more battles than colonists, but colonists won more important battles.

What does dissatisfaction mean?


The Americans could not have won the war without the help of what nation?


When a country or person refuses to take side in an argument, it is called being

What did PHYLLIS WHEATLEY do during the Revolution?

Former slave who wrote poems supporting American independence

What was the name of treaty that ended the Revolution and officially recognized the U.S. as a nation?

Treaty of Paris 1783

What event led to the creation of colonial militias?

Meeting of the First Continental Congress

What event led to the Declaration of Independence?

Meeting of the Second Continental Congress

Put the following events in chronological order: •Meeting of First Continental Congress •Meeting of Second Continental Congress •Battles of Lexington and Concord •Passage of Coercive Acts by Parliament

1. Passage of Coercive Acts by Parliament 2. Meeting of First Continental Congress 3. Meeting of Second Continental Congress 4. Battles of Lexington and Concord

Where were the

“opening shots”

of the Revolution War & the

“shot heard around the world?”

1 st real battle of war

We are going to chase you back to Boston!

Let’s get Out of here!

North Bridge

Oh no! They are shooting when they see the whites of our eyes!!

Which battle was an….

French join the American cause

Which battle marked the


& was a Colonial victory over the forces of Lord Cornwallis?

What European nation, along with France, gave the Patriots assistance during the Revolutionary War?


What date was the Declaration of Independence officially approved by the Second Continental Congress?

July 4, 1776

What is the explanation of this cartoon?

Great Britain is bigger and better armed than the Patriots and felt the Declaration of Independence was a joke.