Math II is a demanding course that will prepare you... Prerequisites include a good understanding of all Math I concepts,... Math II Academic

Math II Academic  Spring 2016
Contact information: Ms. Cadilla-Sayres
Phone: 704-799-8555 ext. 1606
Welcome to Math II!
Math II is a demanding course that will prepare you well for upper level math and science classes.
Prerequisites include a good understanding of all Math I concepts, good basic skills, and desire to succeed.
You will be expected to think critically and intuitively as you continue to develop problem-solving skills.
Investigations and cooperative work are integral parts of this class. One thing I ask of you is that you
approach this course with an open mind, willing and ready to learn. I look forward to this semester and
to helping each one of you be successful in this class.
Course Expectations and Key(s) to Success
Do all homework the night it is assigned and check it in class the next day. You must do your work in pencil and
show all your work to receive full credit. Homework assignments include being prepared for class, i.e. bringing
all necessary materials with you.
Seek help IMMEDITATELY! If you do not understand today’s lesson, chances are you will not get tomorrow’s
either. “I do not understand” is not an excuse for not doing all your work. Extra help is available during
SMART Lunch, or by appointment.
Do not be absent. If you are, then plan to see me during SMART Lunch to make up the lesson. You can get your
missing assignments off my website. I will also provide a copy of missing work in the crate labeled “What you
missed.” You are expected to make up all the assignments you missed, including classwork and notes. You will
still be expected to take tests on time. The longer you wait to make up missing work, the harder the work
Be responsible and respectful. Follow school rules and use good judgment.
Classroom Rules
1. When the bell rings, you are expected to be in your seat with your homework on your desk
ready to be checked. Don’t be tardy!
2. Follow directions the first time they are given. Participate and ask questions. I LOVE
3. No cheating will be tolerated. If you are caught cheating, you will receive a zero for the
assignment and appropriate consequences will be enforced. Cheating is the act of receiving
information to use as your own, or the act of giving information to be used by someone else.
4. Clean the space around you before you leave the classroom.
5. Electronic devices are not to be seen, heard, or used in the classroom unless designated by the
teacher. Unauthorized devices will be confiscated and will not be returned until the end of the
school day.
Grading Information
Each quarter grade is 40% of your final course grade and it will be calculated as follows:
50% Tests: Tests will cover unit material and review material. All tests are cumulative!
One opportunity for test corrections will be offered once per quarter. Prepare for assessments accordingly.
35% Quizzes: Given throughout the unit to check for understanding. Expect pop quizzes!
15% Homework, Warm-ups, Classwork, and Participation: This is your chance to know how prepared you
are for an assessment. You must show all your work in order to receive credit.
20% Final Exam: You will take a final exam at the end of this semester.
ALL students are expected to do corrections for test and quizzes within a week of receiving the assessment
back. These corrections are mandatory and NOT for extra credit. Learning from mistakes is a well-known
strategy for success!
All assignments and assessments must be done in pencil to receive full credit.
Grading Scale: A: 100% – 90%  B: 89% – 80%  C: 79% – 70%  D: 69% – 60%  F: 59% and below
 Required Materials 
1½ -2-in 3-Ring Binder with dividers
Graphing Calculator (TI-83 or 84 recommended) & AAA batteries
Graph Paper and Loose Leaf Paper
Pencils and Colorful Pens
I have read and agree to the terms of the syllabus along with the needs and expectations of this
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