Course Criteria

Pre-Algebra/Math 7
Mrs. McGrath
Grade Expectation Sheet
Classroom Code of Conduct
Treat each other with respect.
Come to class on time and prepared with your materials.
Be an active participant, do not be disruptive.
Raise your hand.
Always, try your best.
I. Required Materials:
Must be with you in class every day!
a) 3 ring 1 inch Binder exclusively for math
b) Folder for tests and quizzes
c) Loose-leaf paper
d) PENCILS!!! (Mistakes happen!)
e) (Optional) Scientific Calculator *** TI-30XIIS is the model used in school.***
Please have all items in by Monday September 8th 2015
II. Home Practice: Homework will be assigned 4 nights a week. Late homework will only be accepted in the
case of excused absences.
III. Grading Policy:
 Homework
 Classwork/Participation
 Tests/Quizzes
IV. Extra Help is offered every Thursday at 7:15am in room 102.
V. Contact Information:
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 516-488-9632
Parent/Guardian Contact Information: E-Mail:_____________________ Phone: ______________
I have read the above: __________________________
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