Warm Up: Divide your paper in half and create this T-chart.

Warm Up:
Divide your paper in half and create this T-chart.
Arguments for Slavery
Arguments against slavery
Today’s Question:
What events led up to
the Civil War?
Today’s Activities:
1. Watch videos/takes notes on events
leading up to Civil War
2. In groups: lean about one event leading up
to the war and prepare to teach the class
about it
An agreement that is
reached when both sides
agree to give up
Missouri Compromise of 1820
There was a debate about whether new western
territories would be ________ states or ________ states.
The Missouri Compromise added _______ as a slave state
and ______ as a free state. This helped to balance
slave states and free states.
Compromise of 1850
In 1850, California entered the United States as a
________ state.
In return, _________ southerners demanded
stronger fugitive slave laws.
Southwest territories would decide the issue of
_________for themselves.
Kansas Nebraska Act
The ______ in each territory could decide
whether to allow slavery or not. This was
called popular sovereignty.
Events leading up to war:
In groups:
• Each group will be responsible for learning
about ONE event leading up to the Civil War.
• Your group will teach the class about that event
by telling a story. Make sure you include
specific dates, names, and places!
• You may create a skit, song, poem