Pre-Civil War Legislation

Legislation Leading Up To The Civil War
Compromise (1820)
the abolishment of slavery or Missouri was added a slave
the expansion of slavery both state, Maine is a free state, no
were expanding
slavery Louisiana territory
It is a temporary fix
Wilmot Proviso (1846 Should slavery be allowed.
- 1848)
It prohibits slavery in the new
acquired territories from
It never come into law,
increasing tension.
Compromise of 1850
was to transfer a
considerable part of the
territory claimed by the state
to the federal government
a stricter fugitive slave law;
California's entry into the
Union as a free state; a
boundary drawn between New
Mexico and Texas, stopping
slavery in its tracks; the outlaw
of the slave trade in
a Fugitive Slave Law was
passed, requiring
to return runaway slaves to
their owners under penalty
of law
Fugitive Slave Act
increasing pressure from
Southern politicians,
Congress passed a revised
Fugitive Slave Act in 1850.
Kansas- Nebraska
Act (1854)
Looking at all of these pieces of legislation…
What is the major issue that we see being argued throughout this time? Why it is such a major issue?
Legislation Leading Up To The Civil War
Is there a possibility of a long-lasting permanent compromise? Why or why not?
In your opinion, had the Civil War never taken place, do you think slavery would have lasted? Why or why not?