The Missouri Compromise

The Missouri
Motivations for Moving West
• People moved west
primarily to look for
economic gain.
• Land was plentiful,
fertile and cheap.
Territories to States
• Territories could
petition for statehood
once their populations
reached 60,000.
• Once Congress
approved, territories
could draft state
constitutions, elect
representatives, and
become part of the
United States.
What about Slavery?
• In 1818, there were 10
free states and 10 slave
• Illinois was admitted as
a free state in 1818.
• Alabama was admitted
as a slave state.
• With the balance in
favor of slavery with
Missouri entering as a
slave state, the
Missouri Compromise
was established.
The Missouri Compromise
• Allowed slavery south
of the 36 degree 30
north latitude line
west of the Mississippi
• Banned slavery north
of the line, except in
the case of Missouri.
• This compromise
diverted the nation
from entering civil war.
Quick Write
•After reading pages 206208, In complete sentences,
explain why the issue of the
expansion slavery was such
an important issue of the