Black Britain: “a precarious political moment…allowed settlers from all the

Black Britain: “a precarious political
grouping, which for a brief, precious
moment…allowed settlers from all the
corners of the Empire to find some
meaning in an open definition of the
term ‘black’”
Paul Gilroy
Where have the "Asians" been all
this time?
Bhangra dance crowd at the Empire Ballroom. Leicester
Square, London, 20 December 1986
Pak-i (păkʹē) n., pl. Pak-is Chiefly
British Offensive Slang Used as a
disparaging term for a person of
Pakistani or South Asian birth or
24 February 1968: Asians arrive at London Airport having
been forced to flee Kenya due to that government's
Africanisation policy.
Black and Asian people attending an anti-racism meeting
organized by the GLC (Greater London Council), circa 1985.