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Cover Letter

Heather Wong
128 Greene St
Brooklyn, NY 11238
June 7, 2019
Dear Sir and Madam,
I’d be grateful if you would consider me for the position required.
As a type-1 diabetic who had my diagnosis in 2017, I have spent two years learning the struggles
of managing my food intake and insulin injection. My newfound respect and sympathy for my
fellow diabetic patients has prompted me to take every opportunity to help my community.
As a Chinese immigrant, I have deep sympathy for older asians who have come to this country
without education, connections and the language to stand on their feet. Having lived in the
suburbs of Connecticut and Brooklyn, I understand that Asian populations are often
disconnected from the mainstream Americans. Thus I’d love to one who can help bridge the gap
between vulnerable older asians and the world around them.
As a Pratt Institute graduate, I have found the artistic means to express feelings and break the
reservation that my culture groomed in me. Therefore, I have cultivated a thirst to understand
others’ interior world and the desire to help distressed population. I’d love the opportunity to
work with older asian population.
Sincerely yours,
Heather Wong