January 8, 2003 Dear Madam,

January 8, 2003
Re: Listing of debts and assets for GASB compliance
Dear Madam,
You have asked whether the city should list the assets and debts of the City Utility Board when
compiling the accounting sheets required by GASB. I have discussed the question with
Accounting Consultant Al Major who advises that such assets and debts should not be listed with
the city assets or debts, but should rather appear on a balance sheet for “enterprise funds.”
I admit that I have very limited knowledge when it comes to these accounting requirements, so I
defer to the expertise of Al Major and our other finance and accounting experts. Please feel free
to call Al Major directly if you need further information, or use me as a conduit if you cannot
reach him.
I have enclosed a copy of Al’s publication “GASB Statements Number 33 and 35.” It contains
some very helpful information for those who carry the burden of compliance with these
convoluted regulations.
Please contact me if I may be of further assistance. Thank you for consulting with MTAS.
Melissa A. Ashburn
Legal Consultant