9A3C0034 徐伊君 9A3C0039 梁晏慈 9A3C0047 黃奕凱

9A3C0034 徐伊君
9A3C0039 梁晏慈
9A3C0047 黃奕凱
News Report:
Leo : The central weather bureau forecast that Typhoon Koppu that had seriously battered
the Philippines will move northwest at the speed of 185 kilometers per hour and will have a
direct impact against Taiwan.
Mina : The CWB said that it might issue a sea warning for Koppu tonight.
The combined effects of the typhoon and monsoon winds are forecast to bring heavy
rainfall to the north and east of the island.
It is urgent that all Taiwanese brace for typhoon's heavy rain and strong wind, which
had caused flood and landslides in the Philippines.
Heather :Typhoon Koppu brought heavy rain and strong wind,causing flood and damaging
houses last Sunday in the Philippines. More than 70 people were killed.
Vivi : The typhoon brought a lot of rain inundating the district on the island of Lusong.
It is hard to estimate total death toll and total loss of the houses damaged in the flood and
Jean : The typhoon caused serious damage. Their house was destroyed and their properties
were soaked and buried in the mud.