Protecting children in emergencies

Protecting children in
Helping children affected by Typhoon Haiyan
What is a typhoon?
A typhoon is a very serious storm. It brings
very strong winds and heavy rainfall. The
winds often blow the sea on to the land. This
can wash away houses and cars.
Typhoons cause a lot of damage and people
can be injured or killed.
This is Cherlyn
Children look at what has happened to
their town
Children climb over the ruins of their
A family builds a temporary shelter
Straight after a disaster,
children need:
clean water
medicines such as vaccines
In the weeks and months after a disaster,
UNICEF works to make sure that children:
are reunited with their families
have homes, clinics and schools
receive psychological support
have safe places to play
have permanent clean water supplies and good
health care
Children talk about their experiences
Children’s lives are beginning to return
to normal
Thank you for taking part in Day for
Change and helping UNICEF keep
children in emergencies safe.