SC07/SC19 Integrated Science Name ________________________ Science Project Contract

SC07/SC19 Integrated Science
Science Project Contract
Name ________________________
Period ______ Date ____________
This science project is a chance for you to investigate a topic of your choice, be
creative and practice communicating the results of your investigation to the class.
Part 1
Describe your topic and the way you will present it. (14 pts) Due date ________
Part 2 Collect 10 facts & 3 data sources about your topic
Part 3 Present your project to the class.
(36 pts) Due date ________
(50 pts) Due date ________
General Project Guidelines
Part 1 – Topic Choice and Description:
You will select a project topic in class and complete the Part 1 information on the
back of this page.
The project information will include your initial thoughts on how you will present your
project (model, poster, etc). You may change the presentation type as you learn more
about your topic.
The project information will also include at least two things you’d like to learn about
your topic.
Part 2 – Project Facts:
The 10 facts must be in your own words (NOT copied from a book or website).
The 10 facts must be typed.
You must use at least 3 data sources for your facts. The data sources must be cited
using MLA format.
You may use EasyBib, the Library Resources citation tool, or the Microsoft Word
references tab to create your citations.
You must complete the student portion on the facts rubric and hand the rubric in
along with your facts and citations.
Part 3 – Project Presentation:
You must be able to explain each of your facts.
You must know the meaning and pronunciation of all of the words used in your facts.
All presentation materials should use a font that is large enough and dark enough for
the class to see.
Note cards or a fact list should be used for posters and models so that the presenter
can face the audience.
Presentation Ideas:
- PowerPoint
- Poster
- Newspaper article
- Board game
- Children’s book
- Comic book
- Poem or rap
- Travel brochure
- Model
Part 1
Information about your project
Topic ________________________________________________________
Presentation Type _______________________________________________
What do you want to learn about your topic? ____________________________
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