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Safety Lab Poster Assignment

Step 1: Choose TWO safety rules to illustrate.
1. All chemicals are considered dangerous. Do not touch, taste or smell anything unless you are told.
2. Anytime chemicals, heat, or glassware are used, students will wear lab goggles. No exceptions.
3. Clean all work surfaces and equipment at the end of the experiment. Return all equipment clean
and in working order to proper storage area. Never leave materials unattended.
4. Do not eat food, drink beverages or chew gum in the lab.
5. If you are using a test tube, do not point the open end of a test tube being heated at yourself or
anyone else. Point it away.
6. Long hair must be tied back during lab activities and dangling jewelry or loose/baggy clothing
should be secured.
7. Keep hair, clothes and hands at a safe distance from the flame at all times. Do not place
substances into the flame unless told to do so.
8. Follow all written and verbal instructions carefully. If you do not understand a direction or part of a
procedure, ask the teacher before proceeding.
9. Keep hands away from face, eyes, mouth and body while using chemicals or specimens. Wash
your hands with soap and water after performing all experiments.
10. Never fool around or run around in the lab. This is dangerous and prohibited.
11. Never handle broken glassware with your bare hands.
12. Never look directly into a container that is being heated
13. Never smell a substance directly. Always “waft” it.
14. Never work alone, perform an experiment or mix chemicals together without a teacher present.
15. Report any spill, breakage, cut or burn to the teacher immediately, no matter how minor it may
16. Work areas should be kept clean and tidy at all times
17. Conduct yourself in a responsible manner at all times in the laboratory
18. If a chemical or another substance gets into your eyes or your skin, immediately flush it out with
running water from the eyewash station
19. Know how and where to report an accident or a fire. Be able to locate the fire extinguisher in the
Step 2: Create a lab poster
(online students can do this in Google Slides)
DUE DATE: Friday, October 2, 2020!
Student Name _______________________________
# Of Lab safety rule assigned ________
Students will create a lab safety poster depicting two different laboratory safety rules.
Students will use a piece of computer paper or another type of paper to create the
poster. The poster will contain the following information and be graded according to the
rubric below. Be creative and have fun!
Lab safety poster will include:
1. The lab safety rules are written out.
2. Illustration or pictures showing the safety rules being followed.
3. Illustration or pictures of the safety rule NOT being followed.
4. Reason why each of the lab safety rules is important.
Be sure to use images along with your description! You may draw, use images from the Internet,
use magazine cut outs etc. The poster must clearly demonstrate the two lab safety rules so
when someone sees your poster, they know what the poster is demonstrating.
_____ (3 pts) Description of safety rules included
_____ (7 pts) Illustration of lab safety rules being followed
_____ (7 pts) Illustration of lab safety rules not being followed
_____ (7 pts) Reason why this lab safety rule is important
_____ (3 pts) Neatly written, typed, spelling
_____ (5 pts) Colorful and contains visuals/images
_____ (10 pts) Effort-See below
____ (10 pts)- Poster relates to each safety rule, the rules are very obvious,
poster is very organized and very easy to understand
____ (7 pts)- Poster mostly relates to safety rules, rules are obvious,
poster is organized and easy to understand.
____ (5 pts)- Poster somewhat relates to safety rules, rules are somewhat
obvious, poster is somewhat neat and organized
____ (3 pts)- Poster does not relate to safety rules, the rules are not obvious,
and the poster is not neat or easy to understand.
_____ (3 pts) Name is on the poster.
_____ (5 pts) Poster turned in on time
____/50 points