Industrial Revolution Assignment #1

Industrial Revolution Assignment #1
The Industrial Age brought on a variety of changes in society. Particularly, families used
children as a source of income. Many of the conditions children worked and lived in were
Attached are numerous primary sources concerning children during and immediately
following the Industrial Revolution.
Your assignment:
You are a child rights’ activist. You are trying to spread the word about the
atrocities that are going on in your neighborhood. To get the word out, you are going to
create a newsletter (mini-newspaper). In that newsletter you are to have at least 4 articles
using the information from the primary sources provided. Some ideas include editorials,
interviews, cartoons, or news articles.
On a separate paper, list which article you used for which article. For example,
Article 1: Source 1 and Source A.
Be creative!!! You have a lot of freedom in what your newsletter looks like. I am looking
for how you use your information.
Due Date: Wednesday, November, 28th