Chapter 10 – Islam – Review Sheet

Chapter 10 – Islam – Review Sheet
1. What is Muhammad’s story?
Who spoke to him?
Where did he live?
What was his job?
What was the city that he lived in?
2. How did the Muslim religion begin and where did they travel?
3. List the holy books and holy places of worship.
4. Where should every Muslim visit on their trip to Mecca?
5. What are the five pillars of Islam? (You do not need to remember the Arabic words, but know
what each one is and be sure that you know what each one means!)
6. How are Catholicism, Judaism and Islam all related?
What is Sharia law? How did Muhammad originally intend it to be used?
8. Who is Abu Bakr? How does his role as first caliph split the religion?
9. Explain the differences between the Sunnis and the Shi’ites. Who has a larger percentage of the
10. What is the role of a Sufi?
11. Where does the empire stretch to at its greatest size?
12. Why were the Muslims so successful in their conquering of lands and expanding their empire?
13. What is the Muslim Empire like in Spain? What do they build there? What is it known for?
14. What works of literature remain from the early days of Islam?
15. What is the role of slavery and social mobility?
16. What were their learning centers like?
17. How did they advance astronomy?
18. What roles did they play in the advancement of history and philosophy?
19. How do Arabic numbers exist today?
20. What is Delhi?
21. Explain the religions that merged and were formed when they expanded into India. (
22. What is the story of the Taj Mahal?
23. Who were the Ottomans?
24. How did the Persian and Byzantine Empires interact with the Ottomans?