________________ _________________- Muslims faced the

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The Expansion of Islam and
Muslim Culture
Draw the Main Ideas:
Part 1 The Split
_________________- Muslims faced the
question of who was going to take over the
leadership of the Muslim nation.
_____________________- This group
believed that the new leader (Caliph) should
be elected from among those capable of the
___________________- This Arabic word
comes from a word meaning "one who
follows the traditions of the Prophet."
________________ - Muhammad's close
friend and advisor, he became the first
leader of the Muslim Empire.
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_________________- both a supreme
political and religious leader in a Muslim
__________________- This group split
with the Sunni because they felt that
following the Prophet Muhammad's death
the leadership should have stayed within
the Prophet's own bloodline beginning with
his cousin, Ali
_________________- The election of Abu
Bakr led to this, which means a division up
or split. Two groups of Muslims would
emerge, the Sunni and the Shia.
Part 2 Islam’s first Dynasties
_____________- took control of the
Islamic empire after four caliphs. They set
up a hereditary system of succession. They
also moved the capitol to Damascus in Syria
so that they could control their territory
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_________ By this year, the rest of North
Africa, southern Spain, and central Asia fell
under Muslim rule.
______________- In the year 750 C.E.,
The Umayyads were overthrown by this
family. They ruthlessly murdered the
remaining members of the Umayyad family.
Some of the Umayyads who escaped and
moved their empire to Spain, while this
group moved the capitol to Baghdad.
Part 3 Muslim Culture
_______________- a person who believes
that he or she is spoken to by God. They
then tell others what God has said.
_________________- Declaration, Prayer,
Charity, Fasting, and a Pilgrimage.
__________________- a statement
about one’s belief in Islam. This statement
should be “There is no God but Allah, and
Muhammad is his prophet.”
________________- to pray five times a
day while facing Mecca.
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__________________- to give money to
help the poor
__________________- to not eat or drink
anything during the daylight hours of one month.
This month is the Islamic month called Ramadan.
___________________- to make at least one
pilgrimage, or journey, if you can afford to do so,
called the hajj, to Mecca.
________________- The teachings of
Muhammad were written down by his followers.
This book was originally written in Arabic.
__________________- The traditional law for
the Muslims.
__________________- The Muslim Empire also
became a center of learning. The Abassid dynasty
started many schools in cities such as this one.
_______________- Muslims learned much about
science, math, and art from the people in the
conquered lands. This learning would spread across
the empire.
_______________- The Muslim scholar, AlKhwarizmi, used Hindu numbers to create this new
type of math
_______________- This Arabic word means
"bringing together separate parts".
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_____________________- became a center of
culture during the Middle Ages. Many Muslims
wrote poems and stories.
_______________- a place where Muslims
worship Allah.
______________- famous mosque in the city of
Using the information that you learned in this lesson, explain what this picture is about
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