SPF minutes 3-4-08

Tuesday, March 4, 2008
Provost’s Task Force
Present: Scott Brown, Yem Bolumole, Cathie Christie, Andres Gallo, Marianne Jaffee, Karen
Patterson, Krista Paulsen, Alex Schonning, Behrooz Seyed-Abbassi, Mike Wiley, Mark
Mark briefly discussed last week’s faculty discussion of the Voluntary System of
Accountability. UNF has decided to participate in this initiative. The components of the
VSA include an institutional profile, evidence of student engagement, and the use of a
standardized test to measure student achievement.
The task force discussion then focused on the current mission and vision statements. The
task force decided to adopt the term “excel” (v accomplished) in the mission since it connotes
ongoing activity. There was also agreement about word placement for “together and
individually” in the vision to better capture our historical commitment to teaching.
The University of North Florida aspires to be a preeminent public institution of
higher learning that will serve the North Florida region at a level of national
quality. The institution of choice for a diverse and talented student body, UNF
will provide distinctive programs in the arts and sciences and professional fields.
UNF faculty will excel in teaching and scholarship, sharing with students their
passion for discovery. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors will enjoy a
campus noteworthy for its communal spirit, cultural richness, and
environmental beauty.
The University of North Florida fosters the intellectual and cultural growth and
civic awareness of its students, preparing them to make significant contributions
to their communities, local and distant. At UNF, students and faculty engage
together and individually in the discovery and application of knowledge. UNF
faculty and staff maintain an unreserved commitment to student success within
a diverse, supportive campus culture.
The task force then began work on the goals originally drafted. Mark reminded the group
that the goals needed to be at the institutional level and should be written to advance the
There was some agreement that we needed to adopt either a “summary” (or “umbrella”) goal
or preface our goals with a statement that might capture our commitment to creating a
learning environment which is supportive and challenging.
Mark will draft some goals based on the themes that emerged from today’s discussion:
Creating a rich educational environment
Attending to our public responsibility
Bringing together the right people with the right resources in the right programs
Being intentionally student-centered
The task force agreed to work electronically from Mark’s drafts.
That process resulted in Task Force consensus on the following goals:
1. Cultivate a learning environment that supports intellectual curiosity, academic
achievement, and personal growth.
2. Recruit and support a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff who will
contribute to and benefit from the university's mission.
3. Support and recognize research and creative endeavor as essential university
4. Secure fiscal, physical, and technological resources aligned with the university's
mission and values.
5. Advance the university's demonstration of its public responsibility.
Several members of the task force will join Mark in the following discussions:
Faculty discussion: Friday, 3/7 in the President’s conference room
A&P staff discussion: Thursday, 3/13 at 1:00
Terry MacTaggart conversation: Friday, 3/14 at 10:30 in Mark’s office.
Academic Affairs spring retreat: Friday, 4/4 1:00 University Center
The next meeting was set at Tuesday, March 25h at 12:30 in the AACR.
Marianne Jaffee