SPF minutes 3-25-08

Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Provost’s Task Force
Present: Scott Brown, Cathie Christie, Marianne Jaffee, Barb Kruger, Karen Patterson, Krista
Paulsen, Alex Schonning, Behrooz Seyed-Abbassi, Mike Wiley, Mark Workman
Mark updated the group on the status of campus-wide discussion on the mission, vision, and
goals statements:
SGA – 4/8
Strategic Planning Advisory committee – April 18
USPS – not scheduled yet
The Board of Trustees has agreed to discuss and possibly adopt the mission and vision statements
at the April 17 meeting. The timing of formal adoption is important for our SACS report as well
as the BOG Compact.
Mark anticipates the focus of the BOT meeting on 4/17 will be on the goals since BOT members
are already familiar with the mission and vision statements.
The meetings with the faculty and A&P staff have been useful and have provided opportunities
for input that have resulted in further refinement of the mission and goal statements.
The group then discussed two specific suggestions offered during these discussions, the first
centering on the phrase “communities, both local and distant”; and the second centering upon
making the intention of the 5th goal more explicit.
Based upon these recommendations, the Task Force revised the mission statement and 5th goal.
The vision, mission, and goal statements now read as follows. Changes are noted in red.
Vision Statement
The University of North Florida aspires to be a preeminent public institution of higher
learning that will serve the North Florida region at a level of national quality. The
institution of choice for a diverse and talented student body, UNF will provide distinctive
programs in the arts and sciences and professional fields. UNF faculty will excel in
teaching and scholarship, sharing with students their passion for discovery. Students,
faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors will enjoy a campus noteworthy for its communal
spirit, cultural richness, and environmental beauty.
Mission Statement
The University of North Florida fosters the intellectual and cultural growth and civic
awareness of its students, preparing them to make significant contributions to their
communities in the region and beyond. At UNF, students and faculty engage together and
individually in the discovery and application of knowledge. UNF faculty and staff
maintain an unreserved commitment to student success within a diverse, supportive
campus culture.
Proposed Goals
1. Cultivate a learning environment that supports intellectual curiosity, academic
achievement, and personal growth.
2. Recruit and support a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff who will
contribute to and benefit from the university's mission.
3. Support and recognize research and creative endeavor as essential university functions.
4. Secure fiscal, physical, and technological resources aligned with the university's
mission and values.
5. Affirm the university's public responsibility through civic engagement and communitybased learning and research.
Mark noted that we need to continue to provide opportunities for input on the goals, and the task
force will also need to begin working on the UNF values.
Several members of the task force will join Mark in the following discussions:
Academic Affairs spring retreat: Friday, 4/4 1:00 University Center
Discussion with SGA on 4/8
The next meeting was tentatively set for Tuesday, April 1st at 12:30 in the AACR.
Marianne Jaffee