2016 International Student Awards Application

UNF International Center
International Student Awards 2016
1. The International Center will recognize a UNF international student in each of the following two
categories: (A) Academic Merit and (B) Service.
2. Winners will be announced at the 25th Annual International Dinner Dance held Friday, April 15, 2016.
Award Requirements:
1. This award program is open to UNF students only.
2. One completed Application Form must be submitted.
3. One copy of your UNF transcript must be submitted.
4. Each application must be accompanied by one essay on “The Value of International Education” (typed,
five pages maximum, one side only, double spaced).
5. If applying for the “Service” Award, include a history of your service record at UNF (two pages
6. If applying for the “Service” Award, include letter(s) of recommendation from UNF faculty or staff
(one minimum, three maximum).
7. You can apply for both award categories, but you can be recognized in only one category. If applying
for both awards, you will need to submit separate applications.
8. Entries must be submitted to the UNF International Center no later than 4:00 p.m. on April 11, 2016.
Note: If two or more Academic Merit applicants have the same UNF GPA, then the number of earned
UNF credit hours will be the deciding factor.
Additional Information: All essays submitted for award application become the property of the UNF
International Center and will not be returned. Award application will be deemed consent for use of
essays, in whole or in part, in other UNF International Center public relations materials, including but not
limited to displays, publications, flyers, posters, and Web site with attribution to the writer.
Name of applicant ____________________________________________ N #:_____________________
Address _____________________________________________________________________________
Phone number _________________________ E-mail address __________________________________
Major/College _____________________________________ Home Country ______________________
Category: ___ Academic Merit
___ Service
I have read, understand, and accept the guidelines of the UNF International Student Awards Program. I
authorize the UNF International Center to duplicate, distribute, and/or publish my essay to help promote
internationalism at the University of North Florida. The information I have submitted is complete and
accurate to the best of my knowledge.
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