Grading Policy

Ms. Huffman’s Classroom & Grading Policy
Wonderful World of Earth Science
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Course Description
This course explores concepts and principles about the dynamic nature of our planet and its environment in
space. Understandings are developed through an investigative approach that emphasizes cooperative
learning during laboratory activities. Students meet six times in a four-day cycle so that time for discovery is
made available to these students. Topics include: Investigating Processes of Change, The Earth and its
History, Energy Exchanges and Budgets, The Rock Cycle, Erosion and Deposition, and The Earth’s
Changing Environment. A portfolio of successfully documented and completed laboratory reports
representing 1200 minutes of hands-on (not simulated) laboratory experience is required before students are
eligible to take the June New York State Regents Examination in Physical Setting: Earth Science, the final
examination for this course.
Students are expected to be prepared for class every day with the following items. writing implements (blue
or black pen and pencil), a binder for this class only (2-3” minimum), loose leaf paper, composition
notebook, calculator, earth science reference table (I will supply the initial one ), and homework
** A review book will be available for purchase in the school store. It is strongly encouraged that you
purchase this book. It is a great tool that will lead to greater success.
Class Rules:
1. Be punctual
Be in your seat and ready to learn at the bell. Late students will be issued a
detention for that afternoon as per school policy.
2. Be prepared
Bring all required materials. Going to your locker during class is prohibited.
Without them you cannot succeed!
3. Be respectful
Respect the faculty, yourself, classmates and school. Phones and other electronic
devices are not allowed to be used at any time, there are no exceptions. Everyone
deserves to have a safe school space.
4. Be productive
Remember “If it’s to be, It’s up to me.” Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
5. Be positive
Everyone has bad days, do your best. Tomorrow is a new opportunity.
Grading Policy:
Assessment Category
Total Percent
Extra Help:
Extra help will be provided as needed. E-mails are the best way to ask questions outside of school
Tests in this course will follow a similar structure to the New York State Regents. They will
include multiple choice and constructive response questions. ALL TEST ARE CUMLUATIVE
Dates of exams will be announced in class at least one week prior to the test. There will also be a
quarterly exam at the end of each marking period that counts as (2) test grades. When absent a
student is to make up test the day they return, before or after school. They may also make up the
exam on a free period. NOTE: Quarterlies and Mid-terms count as two test grades. Projects will also have test grade value.
Quizzes will be short answer or multiple choice questions and will reflect topics from homework
and class activities. Quiz dates may or may not be announced. There will be a do now quiz every
week. It will be unannounced. There will be a note book check each quarter, it counts as a quiz.
Homework will be assigned at least 4 times per week. Assignments will range from textbook
readings to worksheets to Castle Learning Exercises. Test corrections will count as a homework
assignment and are not optional. Homework will be submitted at the beginning of each class.
Those that are absent are responsible for showing work on the day they return. Late homework
will not be accepted.
Laboratory Assignments:
The New York State Department of Education mandates that a student successful complete 1200
minutes or (30) lab hours in order to be eligible to sit for the regents examination in June.
 Students will review during class and must follow the laboratory safety contract from
Sewanhaka CHSD safety manual.
 Those that refuse to follow safety guidelines will be removed from class for that day and
are still responsible for submitting a complete lab report.
 Students absent from laboratory lessons will be required to make up the assignment on their
own time before the end of the marking period. Failure to do so will result in a zero.
 All students present during the laboratory lesson are expected to participate in laboratory
procedures, the collection of data, and are required to meet the due date for each laboratory
 Students present in class not participating in laboratory procedures will be unable to
make up the procedures and are required to meet the teacher’s due date.
September 2, 2014
Dear Parent/Guardian and Student:
Welcome back. I trust that you had a restful summer and are ready to enjoy a year full of
challenges, fun and learning. Your child has been given the class rules and grading policy.
I would like for you to review them again so that you are sure that he/she understands what is
expected of him/her.
For most of the students this will be their first high school science course. With your
help, we can create a foundation of learning which will last a life time.
Please complete and sign this page and have it returned to me tomorrow. If you have any
questions feel free to contact me at anytime.
In the event that I need to contact you, please provide the appropriate information below.
At anytime should any of the information change please notify me, in order to keep my records
Thank you,
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