Syllabus for General Chemistry 2 Semester

Syllabus for General Chemistry 2nd Semester
Ms Tozzi
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Course Goals:
 For each student to achieve the defined Arizona State Standards for High School
 To prepare students further study in science and at the same time to present material of
use in daily life.
 To encourage the spirit of scientific investigation and with it the attitudes of accuracy in
thought and work.
Unit 7 – Periodic Table and Periodic Trends:
Predict properties of elements and compounds using trends of the periodic table
Unit 8 – Chemical Bonding:
Distinguish among the types of bonds (i.e. ionic, covalent bonding).
Unit 9 – Nomenclature and Formula Writing:
Apply the rules for naming and writing ionic and covalent compounds.
Unit 10 – Chemical Quantities:
Describe the mole concept and its relationship to Avogadro’s number.
Unit 11 – Chemical Reaction:
Represent a chemical reaction by using a balanced equation and identify the types of chemical reactions.
Unit 12 – Stoichiometry
Quantify the relationships between reactants and products in chemical reactions
Unit 13 – Acids, Bases and Salts:
Study the properties and characteristic s of acids, bases and salts
Procedures and routines: All of the rules and guidelines described in your MPS student
handbook will be followed. The following are additions that will apply to Chemistry.
Supplies: A single subject composition notebook and a 3 ring binder or folder to keep handouts
in is highly recommended for success in this class, along with pen/pencils. Bring these to class
every day. A simple scientific calculator is useful or you can use one of mine.
Guidelines for Success:
1. Have a positive attitude and do your very best each day.
2. When you come into class read the information on the board and update your
assignment calendar (this is part of your grade). Be in your seat and ready to start working.
If there is a warm-up on the board start working on it.
3. Attendance/Tardies/Hallpasses/Sweep: Students are required to be in class.
Students need to follow the district attendance policy listed in the handbook. You are
responsible for turning in your work on the day it is due even if you are in the sweep
room, if turned in the next day it will be late. Hall passes will be issues only in an
emergency (this includes going outside to make a phone call.)
4. Cell phones and other electronic devices: These need to be turned off and out of
sight when you enter the classroom. If I see or hear them these items will be taken
and turned into the front office for a parent or guardian to pick them up.
5. Make up work: If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to ask for the
assignments you missed. Check the assignment folder/calendar for what assignments
you have missed. You get one day to make up assignments for each day you are absent.
Late work will receive no more than half credit. Being absent the day before a test or quiz
does not excuse you from taking the test or quiz as scheduled. If you are absent the
day of a test or quiz you will take the day you return to class in class.
Revised 8/1/2012
6. You are expected to do your own work even when working in small groups or lab work.
If you need help please ask me.
7. Please keep all current unit papers in your notebook until you have taken the unit test.
Notes are never thrown away.
8. You are expected to come in for tutoring in the mornings or make an appointment to get extra
help in understanding the material.
Grading: Your grade is based on tests, quizzes, labs, classwork/homework the grades on these
assignments are averaged together. There will also be quarter and semester exams.
90-100% =A
80-89% = B
70-79% = C
60-69% = D
0-59% = F
Behavior: Your behavior should be considerate and not interrupt or interfere with the
learning of others.
Expectations: The student is expected to:
1. Participate- be an active learner, come to class prepared.
2. Responsibility- Be on time, cell phones and electronics away.
3. Interconnectedness- Work with others in a positive way, ask questions.
4. Dignity- Respect others and their belongings, use appropriate language.
5. Excellence- Have a positive attitude and do your best every day.
6. Follow all the safety rules outlined in this class.
7. Follow all the school wide rules while in class.
a. Reminder/warning to the student
b. Teacher/student conference
c. Student/teacher behavior plan
d. Parent/guardian notification
e. Administrative referral
Laboratory behavior: Do not endanger any person including you by violating any safety
procedure. Violation of any safety procedure will result in removal from the lab for that lab. You
will not receive credit for a lab you are removed from for a safety violation.
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