: IOM 543 Networked Digital Industry

IOM 543: Business Issues in the Networked Digital
Fall 2007
Work with Some of the Key “NDI” Companies
in Consulting Projects on Leading-Edge Issues
This course is designed to provide MBAs with an understanding of the business
impact of emerging technologies on companies, business models and strategies in
the "converging" digital communications, media and entertainment industries.
This will provide an edge to graduates in managing the impacts of these new
technologies on their companies, and strategically integrating them
enterprise operations. It will also identify potential future challenges for
corporations and consumers to adopt them in their work and living environments
The course will employ a combination of lectures, case studies, corporate guest
speakers and consulting project work. The consulting project is designed for MBA
students to work in teams directly with executives from the Center for Telecom
Management's sponsor companies on a specified real-world company project and
provides potential for future-hire. Projects in past years have been submitted by
over 20 corporate sponsors including Intel, Motorola, Siemens, SBC, Verisign,
HP, TI and Cisco
For more information: Contact Professor Pereira at [email protected]