corPorAte consulting

Corporate Consulting
Change is an inevitable part of running an organization. In today’s global
environment, the most successful companies are those that can identify
when change needs to occur and take the steps necessary to make successful
transformations. As your organization faces challenges such as rapid growth,
new leadership or other modifications, it may be necessary to seek objective
assistance to facilitate, develop, implement or manage these changes.
Kirkwood Training & Outreach Services will work closely with your organization
to provide the consultation necessary to maximize your organization’s
effectiveness while minimizing the inefficiencies and challenges.
Our consulting services can be utilized in a variety of areas:
• Culture Change
• Employee Engagement and Satisfaction
• Executive Coaching
• Meeting Facilitation
• Organizational Assessments and Change
• Process Improvement and Redesign
• Project Management
• Strategic Planning and Execution
• Training Needs Assessment
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