TL Oct 13-24

Title: Teen Leadership
Grade Level: 6, 7, 8th grade
Teacher: Tara Wyrwich
Date: Oct. 13th-25th
Objective: Creative thinking skills, Teens work in groups, discussing, making decisions, and
Standards Addressed: Leadership
Materials for Learning Activities
Materials: Paper, and pen or pencil
Procedures for Learning Activities
A. Problem Solving, Decision making, Teamwork and Communication
1. Journals at the top of class (5min.)
2. Students will do a PBL- Creative Lesson for Teen Leadership
3. Lesson Name, Objective, Materials needed, Explanation of lesson, and Closure with higher order
thinking questions.
4. Following week will teach and present their lesson.
Instructional Strategies (20 minutes)
1. Getting the students to work in groups, creative thinking activity that is fun and relates to teen
leadership, getting students to communicate with each other, and making decisions.
C. Closure (5-10 minutes)
1. How crucial is it to be well planned out and organized before giving a presentation?
2. Explain or identify the difficulty level it was getting this project started.
3. After getting the activity started did the lesson flow smoothly?
4. Have an organized template did it make the presentation easier to present?
Writing is a necessity!