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Summer Reading Jigsaw co taught

Summer Reading Jigsaw:
1) Count off by “fours.” These groups of 4 are your home groups.
2) Split into groups by number (ex. 1s get together, 2s get together, etc.)
3) Each number is responsible for 1 article:
- 1’s ‘We the People’ Loses Appeal With People Around the World by Adam Liptik
- 2’s: Librarians Versus the NSA by Zoe Carpenter
- 3’s: Growing Up Digital: How the Internet Affects Teen Identity by Chandra Johnson
- 4’s: A Teen Just Trying to Figure It Out by Tavi Gevenson
4) When you’re in your groups, decide on roles. All students will contribute to writing a SUMMARY
of the article.
- 1 person is responsible for writing down WHO is writing this, and WHO it is about.
- 1 person is responsible for writing down WHAT this article is about. 1-2 sentences.
- 1 person is responsible for writing down the WHEN this was happening, and WHEN this
article was written.
- 1 person is responsible for writing WHERE this article/ these events took place
- ALL MEMBERS should write down WHY this article was written and WHY these events
**ALL members of your group must discuss each role’s answer. Each member of the group must be able
to explain each answer.**